Using Burner Management Systems (BMS)For Safe Burner Operations

Natural gas is one of the most common fuels used today and this comes in the backdrop of more exploration and production of this natural resource. While burner systems are highly efficient and cost-effective, they are also among the main culprits in fire accidents. Many tragic accidents have happened around burners yet they could have been avoided by investing in a high-performance burner management system (BMS).

Burner Management Systems

What is a Burner Management System?

The safe operation of burner systems has always been a concern because they have been the cause of many fire accidents in different settings. A Burner management system is a built-in technology that a manufacturer of burner system or even the user can use to ensure safe startup, operation and shutdown of the unit.

Burner management systems guarantee safe operation of combustion equipment and they are designed to safely start, monitor the operation and then ensure safe shutdown of a combustion process. These systems are also referred to as flame safeguard systems in some circles but they use a similar technique to guarantee safety of users.

A BMS purging the combustion chamber of gas during the start lights the pilot and opens main gas valves. When a burner is being used, the BMS monitors the main burner flame and in case there is a problem with the flame, the fuel flow is interrupted. Monitoring continues even during downtime. By constantly checking the safety of operating conditions, this system prevents accidents, making it an important technology for any industrial facility where gas is used.

The fail-safe and flame detection features are essential for fire prevention. The fail-safe mechanism is able to stop flow of gas both at the pilot and the main. This is the mechanism responsible for shutting down the operations until conditions are favorable again. If there was any problem with the gas flow, this will have been rectified by the time the system starts working again, thus protecting users and other people within the vicinity.

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Importance of a Burner Management System

The safety advantages offered by a burner management system cannot be ignored. The system minimizes the risk of natural gas fire accidents, which can be devastating. This technology protects the people working in your facility and those in the vicinity. Your structure will also be protected against fire damage while you will not have to pay through the nose for replacement of the burner system.

Using a BMS for your burners helps your facility reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). It also boosts your burner’s efficiency by reducing wastage. . Starting a business is not decision that can be taken overnight.A one need to think twice upon all requirements of Business planning, Debt settlement, Human strength and so on. If you are looking to insure your business, installation of this system saves you a lot on the premiums If you go for the latest BMS technology, you are able to simplify unit operations with alarm notifications and operator help messages.

If you are looking for the best way to enhance safety on your industrial facility, it is time to invest in the best burner management system in the market.

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