The Beneficial Effects of Yoga

Yoga can have positive effects on mild depression and insomnia, even in people who do not get on drugs, while improving the symptoms of schizophrenia and attention deficit hyperactivity (ADHD) in patients taking the medication, according with a new big U.S. scientific research.Practicing Yoga. Young woman

Researchers, led by Professor Biological Psychiatry Mourali Ntoraisgouami School of Medicine, Duke University, who made the date of publication in the journal Psychiatry Frontiers in Psychiatry, conducted

a systematic review (meta-analysis) more than 100 published scientific studies on the effect of yoga on mental illness.

Yoga, an ancient Indian practice, a tradition to 5,000 years old, is very popular today throughout the world, now free from the original religious context, and even neighborhood gyms now offer courses on training. For many people, especially for those who are attracted to alternative lifestyles and treatment is now considered one of the best holistic physical and mental health. Yet, as the researchers point out, just “because yoga has become such a cultural phenomenon, has become difficult to distinguish physicians and patients the truth from exaggeration, regarding benefits.”

In order to clarify things, the researchers analyzed the hitherto relevant scientific studies and concluded that indeed the practice of yoga provides benefits for almost all mental / cognitive disorders.

Mourali The Ntoraisgouami stated that modern scientific knowledge comes to confirm the value of ancient Indian practice. As said, yoga is “promising” in relation to psychiatric disorders and, when practiced by patients, may not only help to improve the symptoms, but also to prevent them. New research shows that yoga can affect Key elements of the human body, which play a vital role in the mental / mental health, acting biochemically similar ways with medications such as antidepressants or psychotherapy.

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beneficial effects of yoga

For example, one study has found that yoga affects the level of neurotransmitters, internal chronic inflammation of the body, stress of cells due to oxidation of lipid levels (cholesterol) and others. Depression affects So what’s left for you to do? Simple!

Some money free gaming now. over 350 million people according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and although antidepressants help, many people in many cases are insufficient or have unwanted side effects.

According to a WHO study, 60% of patients continue to have depression one year after the relevant medication. For this reason, as the researchers point out, there is a need for alternative treatments, including for non-drug, such as yoga. Indeed, as argued, further research on the benefits of yoga could be considered a global priority. “If the promise of yoga for mental / mental health has found a drug that would make the biggest sales worldwide,”

According to the survey, yoga, among others, has fewer side effects, relatively low cost while it is no longer easy to acquire access to this area of. On the other hand, the researchers acknowledge that until now studies on yoga are based on a small number of people, so the future will be made new investigations in a larger sample over time and with rigorous scientific standards before being promoted yoga more formally as a therapeutic technique for the mentally ill.

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