Nootropics, also known as smart drugs, are used to boost the functioning of the brain. Their benefits include improved alertness, memory, hyperactivity and attention among others. They work best for individuals who feel tired and need to do an important task that requires focus. Furthermore, the supplements are recommended for those that experience declined brained functions due to aging.

Nootropic Stack Supplements

The following are some of the best nootropic supplements you can find on the market. Mostly when buying online, all you have to do is look for the “click here” button to make the purchase.


If you have been keeping tabs on the nootropics industry, then you have heard about Qualia. It is the latest in the market and enhances and promotes the functionality of the brain besides giving you energy for your tasks. The supplement is made to provide micro-nutrients you need for the proper development of your brain cells.

The main active ingredients in Qualia are caffeine and Pterostilbene. Its users have reported an increase in activity, improved memory, focus, motivation and a decrease in anxiety among other great effects. These are the benefits that other smart drugs promise, but Qualia does more than just promise – it provides results.

Mind Lab Pro

The second smart drug is the Mind Lab pro. It helps boost decision making power, memory, and mood. The main ingredients are like the ones found in BacopaMonnieri and Mane Mushroom. This is one of the nootropics that deliver what they are meant to. Matter of fact, the company is so confident that they offer a fair return policy within the first 60 days of making the purchase.

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You can count on the capsules to effectively improve your cognition and creativity, and their safety is guaranteed. So, if these are some of the things you are looking to boost, then the Mind Lab Pro is all you need.

Brain Pill

If you are thinking of increasing your overall brain power and productivity, think Brain Pill. This supplement is excellent in enhancing your energy and ability to think clearly about any task you need to do. When you feel like your brain is blocked and fatigued, Brain Pill can help you accomplish your tasks in a short time. The good thing is that you will notice the benefits almost immediately.


This nootropic supplement is primarily beneficial for individuals looking to improve their cognitive capabilities. Noocube works by providing the essential brain nutrients that effectively promote its overall performance. So, when you feel like a task is too much for you to handle, these capsules can help unleash your A-game.

The ingredient in this nootropic supplement that makes it work effectively is the alpha GPC. This is renowned for boosting the brain’s level of acetylcholine, which helps in enhancing memory, maximizing learning, and improving concentration.


OptiMind is a nootropic supplement ideal for boosting energy, and promotion of memory and cognitive functions of the brain. It is manufactured by Alterna Script and contains 100 percent natural ingredients such as DMAE, GABA, Caffeine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Chlorine, Sulbutiamine, vitamins B-6, B-12, D-3, and Huperzine.

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