WeChat Starts Attacking Fake Followers And False Page Views

WeChat will start attacking on falsified followers and page views on public accounts starting this week, the local media claimed. WeChat claimed that to guarantee the healthy working of the platform it will be making an effort to get rid of false data, comprising that generated by the employment of bots. It claimed that while there might be some differences between new and past statistical information, it will not have an authentic impact on traffic.

WeChat Starts Attacking Fake Followers And False Page Views

“Attacking on false followers and views is a pretty uncontroversial decision. These have always been actions of pride,” claimed founder of Grata (the enterprise contact center solutions provider), Andrew Schorr, to the media in an interview. “We have witnessed customers operate campaigns where the merchants was clearly purchasing followers for the customers. You receive unbelievable growth figures at the time of campaign, then everybody unfollows you over the next few weeks, and none of your actual metrics see any affect,” he claimed.

Speaking of WeChat, the platform earlier refused amassing chat histories of users. “WeChat does not amass chat history of any users. That is only kept in computers, mobiles, and other terminals of the users,” WeChat clarified to the world on the social media platform in a post.

“WeChat will not employ any material from consumer chats for analysis of big data. This is due to technical model of WeChat that does not analyze or store chats of user, the rumor that we are everyday observing your WeChat is complete misinterpretation,” the company further claimed.

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Chairman of Geely Holdings, Li Shufu, was cited in Chinese media this week as claiming that Ma Huateng, the Chairman of Tencent, must be observing all our every day WeChats. Geely Holdings is the parent company of the car brand Volvo. Similar to all social media platforms of China, WeChat is needed to edit public posts believed as against the law by the Communist Party.

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