5 Amazing Things a PDF Reader Can Do


PDFs have the changed the game. They have replaced the burden of carrying paperbacks, files, and excessive documents with one smart device.

Don’t get us wrong. PDF files are not the only available format. There was .rtf and .doc before .pdf took over the world. But it has made such a huge impact that Word and other alternatives are rarely talked about.

PDF Reader Can Do

PDF files are being used everywhere, from homes to schools to offices. It’s quite understandable why. We’re moving towards a digital world where most work is done online, including preparing and signing documents.

You don’t have to mail or fax documents anymore. You can simply email files and the other person can view the content and even print, if needed. PDF readers play a very important role in this regard. Also, there are several online platforms that help you convert any document into a PDF format or vice versa, as well as tools such as Draftable that let you compare old and new files seamlessly to identify where changes have been made so that you can check that you are happy with the new version.

Here are 5 amazing things you probably didn’t know a PDF reader can do:

  1. You can take notes

Whether you are in a meeting or a lecture hall, you will most probably be taking notes to keep track of what’s important.

PDF readers let you do that without any trouble. You can open a new file and start taking notes through your phone or laptop. No need to worry about a piece of paper and pen. All information is saved on your device, which you can even put on the cloud for easy access.

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  1. Read out loud

PDF readers have the option to read out any part of the text for you. It basically turns your files into audio files. Most good PDF readers like SodaPDF offer multiple voices and accents for easy understanding.

This can be a time-saving option as you can listen to files while handling other tasks without any trouble. 

  1. E-Signs and Forms

Digital documents are much easier to keep track of. They can be shared, edited, and collected through your PDF software account without a any difficulty.

You can also collect signatures through the software, and allow multiple people to edit a document that you’ve shared with them. This saves time, paper, and effort. Plus, such signatures are considered legal in many industries.

  1. Jump to Page

Rather than sifting through a large document and eBook to find what you are looking for, you can just enter the relevant page number in the search box, and you will land on the exact page.

This is very convenient when you’re reading a novel or going through a 100-page document.

  1. Manipulate Pictures

PDF readers let you edit and resize the picture however you like. This is a very good option because you can add images or graphes to your content without having to worry about formatting.

PDF readers have a lot to offer in terms of productivity. The many advanced features relieve you of the tedious workload that comes with managing hard copies and physical files. Give it a try to know what difference it can make to your life.

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