The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Basketball Shoes

When it comes to sports, several factors contribute to the ultimate output of a payer. The performance is hinged on several aspects, including the sport gear. This is particularly true in major games like soccer and basketball. Every basketball player understands that the shoes he wears will have a significant impact on their game. As such, choosing the ideal shoe is in the best interest of the player.

Several aspects come into play when considering the best choice of shoe for basketball. You might answer the right questions and get correct answers at the same time. While the process of researching and comparing various shoes might be considered time consuming, settling on the best pair largely depends on it. It is therefore important that one haslots of patience. With our complete research on basketball shoes, however, you are likely to find the process of selecting these shoes less strenuous. Just stick around to learn howsimple the entire process can get.

Best Basketball Shoes

Important factors to consider


Basketball involves several actions including slashing, cutting and other quick moves. Any basketball player should be able to make such moves without the slightest worry of sliding. That makes traction an important aspect when it comes to choosing basketball shoes. Different basketball shoe companies have tried their best to ensure maximum grip on the various shoes they produce. With the right level of traction on shoes, a basketball player will find it easy to cut faster and change directions. Before settling on that pair of shoes therefore, ensure it grants you the perfect level of traction.

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Player type

Basketball shoes are never the same. Each shoe is designed with particular aspects in mind.Therefore, before choosing a pair of shoes, it is important that you take into accountthe kind of player you are. Subsequently, your choice of shoe will depend on whether you are a fast player or power player.

For a power player, there is need for shoes that guarantee maximum cushioning and stability to ensure maximum protection every time you jump to shoot. This might prompt you to settle on heavier basketball shoes. On the other hand, fast players should opt for lighter shoes with moderate cushioning, support and optimum flexibility. Lower cut basketball shoes therefore turn out more appropriate in such cases. For an all-round player, you will have many options to choose from since nearly all shoes suffice your needs.

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How well a basketball shoes fits is an important aspect to consider. To ensure you make the right choice, you must consider aspects such as toe box. Your toes need sufficient ‘breathing space’. Shallow shoes might exertunnecessary pressure on the feet, resulting inbruised toenails, callus and blisters. One rule that has helped in the past is the thumb space clearance. This ensures the choice of shoe is just the right size. If possible, you should trythe shoe on. While standing, place your thumbs where toe is and observe if the shoe passes the thumb space clearance.

Other aspects such as support should also be considered when selecting the ideal type of shoes. The basketball shoe you choose should be able to provide maximum support for your ankles. Yet again, one needs to consider the aspect of cushion. Shoes that provide the right cushion offer maximum comfort to the player. Lastly, it is worth notingthat people have different tastes and preferences when it comes to shoechoices. While style ought to be the last thing to consider when choosing sports shoes, many people always have it top on the list. Just remember that the outward appearance might not necessarily translate to the actual feeling when you dip your feet inside!

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Ideal basketball shoe recommendations

By now, you already have an idea of what factors to consider when choosing basketball shoes. At this point, it will be appropriate to lookat specific shoes that many people agree are the best in the market.

  • Adidas Crazy Explosive Many people agree that this is the ideal shoe made to satisfy everyone’s needs in the court. To start with, the traction is top notch. In addition, it provides great cushioning and maximum comfort to the feet.
  • Adidas Harden Vol1 This shoes also offers perfect traction with excellent cushioning. You will also love the wide platform it providesfor support and stability.
  • Under Armour Curry This shoes provide the perfect feel for the court without necessarily weighing you down. It is also light in weight and provides firm support.

Choosing the best sports shoes is a process you should not rush through. By taking into consideration several factors, you will end up with the right kind of shoes that actually fits and looks good as well!

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