Horse Breeds That Are Best For Racing

For the horse lovers who love horse racing, it can be a-bit hard to know how to take care of your horse and which horse has the potential of winning a race. Different breeds call for different types of care. You cannot take care of a racing horse the same way you take care of a horse working at home. There are different horse breeds around the world that are good at racing. Some of these breeds include;

Horse Breeds That Are Best For Racing

  1. The Selle francais – This type of horse is a warm blood type and has the characteristics of a thoroughbred. They are muscular and athletic with an elegant profile. Proper training of a selle francais can help you win in short races.
  2. Standardbreds– This type of horse can be more muscular than a thoroughbred. They are easy to train and have a longer body than thoroughbreds. They can be used to race, hunt seat riding, horse shows and cattle work.
  3. Thoroughbred – This is the most famous racing horse in the world. This type of horse can travel for medium distances at a fast pace. They are good for short races and jump racing. Some of the biggest races in the world are open only to thoroughbreds. All thoroughbreds are pure bred and are also most popular for show jumping, racing, show hunting and dressage. On average, they are fifteen to seventeen hands tall. They have a long neck, long legs, deep chest and lean body.

The breed was developed after cross breeding mares and stallions. Pure breeding has made it possible that for them to exist until this day. They are extremely valuable and are sold at public auctions or negotiated in private. They have long racing lives and are sold due to age, injury, breeding or retirement.

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  1. Quarter horse –This type of horse can travel for long distances and can participate in sprints or short races. It got its name from participating in quarter horse racing. It has a broad chest, muscular body and straight profile. It is between fourteen and sixteen hands tall.

    Horse Breeds That Are Best For Racing

  2. Arabian horse – The Arabian horse is athletic and muscular and can endure long races. It is among the oldest breeds there are, with evidence dating their existence back to over 3000 years ago. It is believed that they have been bred up to this day due to their speed and stamina. They have a wide forehead, small muzzle and large eyes. Most of them are bay, grey, chestnut or black in color. They dominate in endurance racing and thanks to their strength, they can also participate in show jumping.

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