4 Makar Sankranti Specialties

Makar Sankranti is the festival in India when the Sun enters in to the area of Makara (Zodiacal sign Capricorn). On this day, people celebrate the fest by having special dishes made up from TIL (sesame seeds). Here are the top 5 dishes that are made on the occasion of Makar Sankranti.

Til ke Gajak/laddoo

Til ke Gajak laddoo

The tradition of producing til gajak or laddoo is followed in every Indian family. You just have to melt jaggery and add lots of toasted sesame seeds. Move this on a gas. You can either give them the shape of laddoos or simply flatten them to form gajaks.

Tilwale Paneer

Tilwale Paneer

Tilwale paneer will offer you that crispy bite when it is ideally baked, and is an awesome starter to grasp upon while you take pleasure in Sankrnati. If you are not fond of Til, this starter is the ideal option you can have.

Bathe marinated cottage cheese cubes in any batter that is your favorite, cover them with white or black Til and fry them (shallow) to get a perfect and rich snack for Sankranti!

Kurmura Laddoo

Kurmura Laddoo

Kurmura Laddoo is most during Lohri among Punjabis. They rejoice the final season of winter with folk songs, bonfires, roasted Til and Kurmura laddoos!

Pour in reasonable quantity of puffed rice in melted jaggery, rotate the balmy combination into laddoos. You can also cut and flatten them to sections to produce chikkis! Pour in baked peanuts or make it loaded with baked dried fruits.

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Chole Dhaniya Masala

Chole Dhaniya Masala

Make the entire food with a mixture of innovative and conventional method on this Makar Sankranti to impress your friends and family.

Completely cooked peas along with spicy gravy of coriander-flavored coupled with fried puris or downy bhature, makes up an ideal option for the dinner. Or replace coriander-flavored spicy gravy with your favorite gravy and serve them as a meal.

So friends, enjoy the fest of Makar Sankranti.

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