A Guide to Help You Select Cheerleading Shoes

Gaming is an essential aspect of life. In fact, those who don’t engage in sports are often more depressed than their active counterparts. When you are out there gaming or cheering, you need to enjoy every moment. You can only do so when you are comfortable. The secret to this lies in having appropriate shoes for the occasion.

Never underestimate the power of having good shoes when you are cheering or even more importantly, when you are on the field playing. Good shoes will ensure you are comfortable. They will also eliminate the possibility of you tripping or spraining whenever you are running around playing or cheering. Good sport shoes do not only lower the chances of injury, they also make you look great for the event.

As a cheerleader, you need to create a solid foundation with cheer shoes in all positions to ensure that you hype the game and everybody is flexible and comfortable, be they the sideliners or those who are indoors. Everyone needs to feel the game on fire.

Cheerleading Shoes

One is never enough

Most people often think that just a single pair of cheer shoes is enough, but the truth of the matter is that different sports require different cheer shoes. Mesh shoes are more appropriate for indoors while leather and synthetic materials will do well out there in the field. For slippery surfaces such as indoor basketball courts, you need a firm grip that rubber offers; otherwise, you might fall and injure yourself.

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The material matters

Sport shoes are made from different materials for different purposes. Shoes made out of synthetic materials are cheaper than the ones made of leather. Unfortunately, they are not durable or strong. With great impact, they are likely to wear out very fast. Leather is great. It lasts long. The only problem is that it is expensive. Also, cheerleading shoes should not be wholly leather; a bit of mesh needs to be fixed in a few areas to ensure that the feet get good aeration. Otherwise, the feet would smell. Mesh is a good material too. It offers good aeration. However, for extra strength, it needs to be combined with other materials.

Good gaming shoes should have rubber soles. Rubber soles ensure that there is good grip and flexibility, which is very important for the cheer team. Shoes with plastic soles tend to be cheaper but offer very little traction. With the possibility of tripping due to lack of good traction, your movements are limited. Well, what is the point of cheering if you cannot jump as high as you need to?

What is your budget?

The prices of sports shoes vary depending to the shoes you want. Most of the time, the most expensive shoes are the most comfortable and the most stylish. However, if you cannot afford the most expensive shoes, do with the ones you can manage. But this should not come at the expense of your comfort. This shouldn’t even be compromised for style. Why should you be stylish while you risk spraining your ankle?

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Top cheerleading shoe reviews

  • Nfinity Genesis Cheerleading Shoe – This shoe is extremely flexible and comfortable. It is made from mesh and soft leather. It was designed particularly for spring floor competitions.
  • Nfinity Evolution Cheerleading shoes – These ones are very light and easy to move around with. They are made from light leather. In addition, they are comfortable and offer good aeration.
  • Kaepa launch cheerleading shoe – This shoe was made strong to last long. It is made from leather and has rubber soles. The shoes have removable inner soles for extra comfort and shock absorption. They also have a lining of Agion, which is an antimicrobial protecting against bacteria and bad smell. Additional toecaps with high abrasion ensure greater durability.
  • Adidas sequence – The style here is great. They are made from leather and have a rubber sole with quite good traction. They also have a heal notch inside to provide extra comfort and stability. This is a masterpiece for the cheerleader.
  • Asics GEL-COMP cheer shoes – These were made with the high intensity cheerleader in mind. They are tough on the ground and kind to the feet. The styling is also a plus for it. The shoes come with great cushioning in the inner soles for comfort and shock absorption.

Next time you go out playing, be conscious about your stability, comfort and style. Choosing the best shoes for that type of sport is the first step in ensuring that. You should not risk any sprains even if you are just cheering. Have the best shoes for whichever surfaces you are going to tread on.

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