Choosing the Best Handguard for Your AR-15 Rifle

It is sometimes difficult to choose the right accessory for your firearm. There is also a lot of consideration to go through when picking the right add-on. In many cases, the difficulty in choosing is often the result of having limited information on the full function of each accessory.

Handguard for Your AR-15 Rifle

What is a handguard?

For many people who are just getting into firearms, terminologies often bring confusion. A handguard is an accessory you attach to the forearm of the rifle. Its primary purpose is to allow you to grip the front end of the gun without touching the barrel, which can get extremely hot after use.

Handguard designs, like aero precision handguard helps you to stabilize your aim and get accurate shots at your target. It is one of the most practical accessories based on design, weight, and overall structure. As these can cost considerably, getting some coupons or offers can be a fair deal. For this, get to know some of the sites that might offer a Bass Pro Shops promo code before you buy your required accessory.

What are the types of handguards?

There are two major types of handguards available for private consumers.

  • Drop-in handguard
  • Free-floating handguard

Under these two types of handguards, there are a lot of variations that you can choose depending on your preference and intended rifle use. Most often, getting one or the other also affects the types of accessories you need to acquire.

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Drop-in handguard

This type of aero precision handguard is called drop-in because you pull the delta ring and drop in the handguard. It is the classic handguard design, and many rifle owners love the simple, yet sturdy style of this accessory. There are also two types of drop-in handguards.

  • Polymer drop-ins. These are polymer hand grips with heat insulation. It has a sleek style and is favored by users that focus on rifle aesthetics.
  • Railed drop-ins. These handguards are typically made from aluminum with “rails” where you can mount other accessories.

Free-floating handguard

This type of handguard doesn’t touch the barrel, unlike the drop-in ones. Free-floating handguards allow slightly better accuracy due to the “free-floating” guard not touching the barrel.

With free-floating handguards, you can also attach bipods or tripods to increase efficiency. This rifle gear can extend to the entire length of the barrel, providing a lot of space to mount other accessories.

There are also two types of free-floating handguards. Each of these types has specific uses and benefits.

  • Free-floating railed handguards
  • Free-floating non-railed handguards

The Standard Costs of a Handguard

Generally, drop-in handguards are cheaper compared to free-floating handguards. The materials for drop-ins are more affordable, but it gives the user more accuracy and less cumbersome shooting.

Free-floating compensates with its design by allowing the gun owner added space for various accessories. The price range for both aero precision handguard drop-in and free-floating models costs anywhere from around $100 to $350, depending on the type and model.

Aesthetics versus Performance

The choice between drop-in handguards and free-float ones boils down to how you want your gun to look and performs. If you are opting to a sleeker look without the need to be dead accurate, then the drop-in handguard is right for you.

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Free-floats are for performance users who want more accessories attached to their guns and need more precise firing. If you are into buying AR-15s or any long barrel rifle, then you must look into these handguards. They make your gun look good, perform well, and are a blast to handle and shoot with.

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