Top 6 Ways to Restoring the Shine in Your Hair

6-Quick-Fixes-to-Restore-the-Shine-in-Your-HairLife keeps us on our toes and we don”t really have the time to invest in our hair. As a result, our hair takes the brunt and ends up looking dull, frizzy and limp. Splurging big bucks at a fancy salon is not a viable option. However, there are ways you can add shine to your hair instantly. Here are 6 quick fix-ups for your mane.

Coconut Oil

If your hair lacks luster and you want to add instant shine to it without spending too much on hair care products, then coconut oil is the best option. Take a few drops of pure coconut oil, rub it all over your palms and glaze it through your hair ends. It will take the frizziness out of your hair, while adding shine to it.

Lemon Rinse

Here is yet another quick fix to restore shine and bounce to your limp hair. Mix one tablespoon lemon juice in 1 cup of water. Give your hair a rinse with the solution after washing your hair. Make sure to rub the solution along the length of your hair before washing it with cold water. Take care not to leave the solution on your hair for too long as it can affect natural hair color.

Almond-Oil-MassageAlmond Oil Massage

This happens to most of us; the humidity outside makes our hair coil up like springs and stand out. Here is a sure fire way to keep the frizziness in check. Heat almond oil and massage your scalp with it. Rather than rubbing vigorously, use the soft pads of your fingers to massage the oil through your scalp. Let the oil sit for 30 to 45 minutes, before washing it with mild shampoo. The hot oil massage will make your hair lustrously soft and bring out a lovely shine.

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Brush-Your-HairBrush Your Hair

Another simple way to add shine to your hair is simply by brushing it. Before going to bed in the night and once you wake up in the morning, run a brush through your tousled hair; it will add instant shine to your locks by bringing out the natural oils. Pick a hair brush that is not rough against your scalp, distributes oil evenly from root to tip and also removes dead hair.

Vinegar Wash

Raid through the kitchen cabinets and try finding ingredients that add shine to your hair. Vinegar is one such component that can do the trick. Any type of vinegar will do the job here, but apple cider is especially recommended. Fill a spray bottle with vinegar and spritz it all over your wet hair. Let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing it with cold water. You will be surprised with the results.

The glossiness of your hair will increase with each wash, definitely worth a try!

Mayonnaise Mask

We sure love eating mayonnaise and now it is time to let your hair taste some of its goodness too. Treat your hair to a mayonnaise mask every once in a month. It will make your hair luxuriously soft and silky. If you can”t stand to strong odor of mayonnaise, you can always add a few drops for vanilla oil to it to curb its smell.

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