6 Cheap, Fun Dating Ideas

Everyone enjoys a fun date. Unfortunately, date nights can tend to be expensive. Whether you’re paying the rent, paying off student loans, saving for a house, or even a baby there’s never enough money.

You might actually think you have no money left for a date night, but these six cheap date ideas will change your mind. These cheap date ideas concentrate on connecting with your partner so you can keep both your personal and financial life alive.

6 Cheap, Fun Dating Ideas

1. Take a hike!

If you and your date dig nature then go for a hike together. There are various levels of difficulty for hikers of varying degrees of experience. Whether you want a relaxing or challenging hike, there’s an appropriate trail available.

Get exercise and enjoy nature. Experience a scenic overlook or beautiful waterfalls. Most hikes are free, but if you explore a state park, you’ll have to pay to park.

2. Get creative

Date nights don’t have to disappear for lack of funds. Get in touch with your creative side. When was the last time you actually drew, painted or even colored anything?

Get playful with your partner, and have some relaxing fun. Draw cartoon versions of each other or yourselves together. Choose a favorite painting and try to recreate it together. Buy a coloring book and kick back and color together.

3. Picnic in the park

This is a classic romantic cheap date idea, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on it either. Make food at home and throw in some beverages too. Take a blanket and head to your local park and enjoy lunch outdoors.

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Spend some time people-watching, enjoying the food, and talking if there is an adjoining playground swing together. If it’s hot swim in the community pool.

4. Take a drive

Enjoy a scenic drive. A scenic drive is a great option not only because it only costs you the price of gas, but in many places, they differ with each season. During autumn you can take in the sight of the leaves changing colors. Coastal highways can be especially beautiful in both the spring and summer. Explore the night during October and see the scary Halloween decorations or the Christmas lights in December.

5. Be a “Daytripper”

If you, like many others, live relatively close to a major metropolitan area, or even a number of noteworthy attractions, pack some food and fill your gas tank and take a day trip. Do a Google search or scout out the nearby areas to discover the things you want to do. Hit the beach. Visit a neighboring city or even take a bike hike.

6. Visit a museum

Are you and your lover into culture or history? Many museums have free admission on certain days of the month. Others ask for a minimal donation.

There are discounts, even for students and seniors. Not all museums are huge conservative buildings either. Some are family-friendly, hands-on educational centers. Some are unique, varied, and surprisingly fun and as well.

So there you have it, dear readers — no more need to fret over funds. You can still enjoy a fun date even if you aren’t able to spend a lot of money.

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