How To Perfect Your Writing Style

The writing style, is very important in any kind of writing because it determines if your audience is interested in reading your content. Ever thought why written speeches seem right in every way, compelling and they make sense until you nod in agreement? The content is magical because the style used is brilliant. I always look for ways to Pimp My Paper wherever I write.

How To Perfect Your Writing Style


  1. Use simple words

To perfect your writing style you need not show your prowess on how to use complicated words but the audience appreciates simple words. Use nouns, adjectives or verbs which are simply an understandable and readable word. You can also consider losing an adverb, but use strong verbs. Though the language with also change as per the genre. For instance, a horror editor would look for language that can entice the reader about the story while weaving it in the best possible way.

For your writing to be perfected limit the number of long sentences. Divide long sentences into short ones or use the art of writing. Sentences can be written in different varieties with the use of punctuations and they make the writing seem more attractive. Use the spell checker on Word program which restricts the number of words in a sentence.

  1. Be sensitive to spelling errors

If you want to improve your writing you have to install spell checkers. Some can be set to automatically correct typing mistakes but it is better to have them highlight the incorrect words for you. The latter makes you aware of the mistakes that you commit regularly. Correcting them ensures that your mind becomes sensitive to the correct way of writing the words and sentences.

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  1. Maintain consistency

Sometimes you cannot avoid errors, but some errors are self-made. If a reader notices some inconsistency they get irritated and the writing is not interesting to read on. For example, avoid switching between different names of something even though they have the same meaning. For example, if you are describing a PowerPoint presentation at one point you refer it as on the first page, then you refer it to as the second slide or screen and such kind of inconsistencies are not good. For your writing to be perfect you need flow and the flow is gotten by the use of one word for describing. Referring to the first, the second and third slide will make it easy for the reader to follow what you are talking about.

  1. Avoid unnecessary formatting

How you format your writing creates a perfect writing style. It is not always you have to highlight by bolding or using italics where it is not necessary. The use of exclamation marks will not make your writing seem exciting. If the Word program has highlighted your formatting, then it is necessary for you to get rid of them. However, when you have written good content, but want to emphasize the main points you can consider formatting them.

  1. Use shorter paragraphs

Paragraphs make your writing attractive, especially if every paragraph explains a different point. However, some explanations on one point can be very long leading to an overly long paragraph. This means you can make it readable by cutting it short into smaller paragraphs.

  1. Read widely
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If you only read your writing every time, then your chances of improving your writing skill are minimal. Seek exposure from other writers, explore different genres with different writing styles. This kind of exposure helps you improve on your own writing voice for the better and you acquire writing skills which effectively communicate to your audience.

Gaining perfect writing skills can be acquired. Every perfect written piece has to be concise and clear without unnecessary wordings. Only use the necessary words for your writing to communicate. Improve your dialogue skills because you need them when expressing yourself through writing. This makes the reader feel the intensity of a real speech in a written piece.

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