Effective Hand Exercises For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a disorder associated with the compression of the media nerve of the carpal tunnel. Patients who suffer from this order mostly complain of numbness of the fingers and hands. In severer cases, the effects might spread well into parts of the wrist and arms.

To help patients cope up with this ailment, doctors recommend various regulated exercises. Most of these exercises are termed as stretching exercises. Collectively, these simple yet effective workouts improve flow of blood within the body system and enhance relaxation of the muscles. From use of stress balls to wrist stretches, the exercises are numerous. While these exercises are not substitutes to proper treatment, they help a great deal in managing the disorder. Let us consider some of the most effective hand exercises.

Effective Hand Exercises For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Weighted wrist curls

You can ease the effects of carpal tunnel and subsequently strengthen your wrists by performing weighted wrist curls. For a start, look for something light and hold it in one hand. With your hands hanged over the edge of a surface and your palms facing down, steadily curl your wrists. Hold that position for a couple of seconds then slowly bring it down. Repeat this ten times with your forearm firmly supported elsewhere.

Go ahead and turn your arms in such a way that you have the palm facing the sky. Maintaining this position, perform ten more repetitions. Carried out regularly, this exercise is very effective.

Squeeze balls

Over the years, squeeze ball exercises have proven effective in managing and controlling carpal tunnel syndrome. With an effective squeeze ball such as StringyBall right in your hands, you can enhance the mobility of your wrist. In addition, it can help reduce the pain associated with the disease in addition to relieving stress.

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The exercise is a simple one. Simply hold the ball in your hands and squeeze gently for five seconds then release. Switch the ball to the other and do the same thing. You need to keep alternating the hands while carrying out the same exercise. With the right type of stress ball, you will have an easier time undertaking this simple exercise.

Wrist circles

When you need an effective hand exercise aimed at reducing tension in the flexor tendons and fingers, wrist circles are the workout to opt for. Start by clenching your fists before releasing your index finger and middle fingers. The fingers should be pointed straight. Using the two fingers, draw five circles in a clockwise direction. Alternate and draw five more circles in an anti-clockwise direction. For effective outcomes, alternate the hands repeating four times with each hand.

Carpal tunnel syndrome might appear like a difficult disorder to manage. However, with the right exercises, you can have it under control. While there are multiple exercises that have been proven effective in achieving the same, many therapists agree that stress balls outsmart them. Simply focus on purchasing the appropriate squeeze balls and you will be on your way to recovery!


Samson Bush is a physical therapist with more than nine years of extensive experience. He works for a medical firm in New York and has developed special interest in bone disorders including carpal tunnel syndrome. You can easily get in touch with him via mail in case of any questions.

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