The Importance of Breakfast to Lose Weight

How many times have you gone in the morning from his home on an empty stomach? Could this be ordinary rhythms of synchronnis society, however, is not the best, nor health, nor for your line! An organized effort weight loss should ensure adequate nutrients and balanced eating habits to maintain optimal health.

Importance of Breakfast

Already twenty years ago, researchers in America found that among women who used to not eat breakfast, they have added breakfast to their diet, lost 1,5 kg more than those who followed a diet without breakfast! Skipping breakfast meal seems to affect the weight in behavioral level, but also organic. More specifically, people who do not usually eat breakfast tend to eat a few large meals a day and choose foods high in calories and fat, a behavior that makes them more prone to develop overweight. Just to think that with every meal consumed, metabolism mobilized processes of digestion and absorption. This means that every meal is a failure and failure to activate the metabolism!

What I usually hear is that breakfast should be the most lavish meal of the day, because it gives us strength to cope with our daily obligations. There is of course only breakfast that will give us energy, but perhaps the most important meal because following overnight fasting. Hence the verdict of the English word breakfast (break = crush, fast = fast). Therefore, a good breakfast should include starchy foods (e.g. bread, cereals) that break down the main energy source for the brain (glucose), vitamins and trace elements (e.g. fruits) that will enhance the metabolic processes and, of course, be complete to feel full.

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An example of a good breakfast is cereal with milk. If, indeed, the grains are whole grains help much in increasing satiety, because the fiber they contain. Considering the procedure which peeling is limited, these foods contain more vitamin B6 and thiamin compared to the processed, thereby safeguarding and adequacy micronutrient. Combined with low-fat milk would be ideal for someone trying to lose weight. The same finding of a Spanish study in adolescents, which showed that children with increased consumption of cereal and milk had a lower body mass index (an indicator of overweight) compared with those who ate.

A common problem for those who complain that trying to lose weight is the habit of snacking. Conversely, when a person devotes time to taste a certain amount of food or food consumed at regular intervals, and then we talk about meals and snacks. Those who follow such a diet regimen includes breakfast among other scheduled meals have a lower weight than those who prefer snacking. In fact, the habit of the morning seems to prevent and overeating episodes, where consumption is rampant. Also, eating breakfast like cereal or toast, as opposed to unhealthy snacking, which abound fat, increase adherence and reduce stress and the likelihood of accidents in the workplace.

Constant concerns of those who follow a diet if it is eventually regain their weight. To prevent this, the graduate dietitian will be “coached” the person to a balanced eating behavior that includes, among others, the regular consumption of breakfast. In a cross-sectional survey with approximately 3,000 participants who had maintained 13.6 kg of weight lost for at least a year, it was observed that the vast majority (78%) do not ever failed his morning meal!

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So, breakfast is rightly classified as a component of success, not only for losing and maintaining weight. Furthermore, choosing a right room ensures continuous supply of glucose in the blood, adequate nutrients and perhaps improved performance at work. Perhaps it is time to put your alarm clock hit 20 minutes earlier to prepare a nice breakfast yourself and those you love?

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