Why More People Are Going Artificial

Those who live in a low water area or are simply just tired of the constant lawn maintenance might want to consider artificial grass. More people are embracing this trend, using it for their lawns, roofs, pool surroundings, play areas, dog runs and several other decorative areas in the house or in commercial buildings. But what really are the advantages of going the artificial way?

More People Are Going Artificial


The artificial lawns outside can sometimes be just as good looking as the grass, sometimes even better. They are ideal for those residential and commercial lawns and play areas, providing such beautiful landscaping that the neighbors will remain jealous. The beauty about them is that in the low water areas, they remain the same shade all through the year.  What’s more, one can choose from the different color shades they want. There are most of the time up to 4 shades of green available. Adding this artificial grass to a new or on sale property adds to its overall look and aesthetic value.


The initial installation might require some work, but so does the natural grass. The only difference comes in the maintenance that is required to have the lawn in top shape. In the summer for instance, having a proper lawn requires almost daily maintenance and mowing. With an artificial lawn outside, one can spend time enjoying the sun rather than maintaining their lawn. They are ideal for holiday homes where the owner is never available through the year. There is, however, a small bit of maintenance work that will have to be done, but this is more to keep it clean rather than the classic mowing. The maintenance activities required include;

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  • Removing organic material from the surface
  • Cleaning high traffic areas with a stiff broom
  • Adding sand infill in the high traffic areas


Water bills for those who require year round lawn maintenance are normally quite high. In fact, in some areas, there are restrictions when it comes to the amount of time one is allowed to have their sprinklers on. It might be a bigger investment, but in the end it will pay for itself in terms of the lower water and electricity bills. One should choose program that requires little or no cash. Read reviews of the company and ensure it is a legitimate one.

The environment

The dumping of chemicals into the environment in most cities and suburbs comes from the input that goes into maintaining the typical grass lawn. The average lawn requires reseeding and fertilizer, as well as the occasional herbicide and pesticide to remove the stubborn pests. On the other hand, the artificial lawns are completely free of the need for these chemical additives. Further, companies that manufacture them are normally held to high standards, meaning they are made from materials that are not harmful to the environment or the health of the people using them. In addition, it saves a lot of the emissions that are released through the operation of lawn mowers. Past research projects have revealed that running a lawn mower for an hour releases on average the same amount of emissions driving a car for 100 kilometers would. With artificial options, one gets the same aesthetic value with little in terms of environmental burden.

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