How to Master Chromecast

Chromecast may be encountering some more and more stiff rivalry from the likes of Amazon and Roku, but that has not stopped Google’s stunning streaming puck from being one of the cheapest and best HD streaming machines all over the world.

Actually, being one of the first streaming devices has offered Chromecast a number of major benefits such as broader adoption and a huge number of associations with firms such as LG and VIZIO who have developed Chromecast feature right into their TVs.

Google Home–Chromecast

The major feature that makes the device so well-liked after all these years is its capability to “Cast” content. We are talking about the capability of the device to send a link from your mobile device or phone to a piece of content that is displayed on your television.

Obviously, you can use casting for very simple stuffs such as casting a YouTube clip to the huge screen to enjoy for your friends. But the device has the potential to do much more. A number of best games support Chromecast feature, and now deep integration with Google Assistant and Google Home permits you to send data such as photos and weather right to your screen.

Here are some tips that will help you to master in using Chromecast.

Google Home–Chromecast Is A Winning Combo

While people regret the restrictiveness of Amazon, Google, and Apple’s device ecosystems, there are some primary benefits to keeping it within the family.

If you are fraction of Google’s network, one of those benefits comes from coupling a Chromecast with a Google Home. Doing so permits you to broadcast videos to your television with the help of only your voice. Just instruct the Google Home what type of content you would like to see and what device to display it on, and Home will send the video automatically to your Chromecast.

Up to now, this voice integration shows support for HBO Now, Netflix, YouTube TV, and YouTube with more services in line.

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No Need To Use The TV Remote

The major complaint levied in opposition to the Chromecast—particularly when compared to devices such as the Roku Streaming Stick+ and Amazon Fire TV—is that it does not come with its own remote. And while the shortage of a devoted remote might seem like a drawback, it is anything but harmful to the firm.

Actually, Chromecast does not require a remote since it is getting a link from your tablet, phone, or PC and casting that content on your TV. When the Chromecast gets that link from your devices, it will automatically switch on your TV and modify the input as Chromecast. If that is not modern day tech wizardry, then we do not know what is.

Get Rid Of Your Family Slides And Try This

If you are an over-sharer, invite your family and friends over to see your newest stack of family pics with the help of Chromecast: While showing dozens of pics might have needed a projector in earlier, nowadays all you require is a Google Home or a smartphone and a Chromecast.

To begin the show, open up the Google Photos and click the Cast option present in the corner at the top. If you are employing Google Home, simply ask Google Assistant to display a particular person, album, or pet with the help of a simple instruction.

Check YouTube With Help Of Google Home

Are you lazy to check your phone? We all have gone through this phase. Fortunately, if you are having one of those days and you have already connected your Google Home to a Chromecast, you can just ask Home to display you all clips of a particular kind on YouTube.

For instance, you can instruct, “Ok Google, show me dog clips on my screen” and the device will display a list of dog clips on your television.

Use Chromecast As A Baby Monitor

Being an anxious new parent is absolutely normal. But if having a watch on your baby is keeping her or him from getting the rest they require, well, that is possibly not good for either party.

Here is the solution: rather than investing for a complex baby monitoring system, although, all you require is a Google Home, a Nest Indoor Cam, and a Chromecast.

Once you have got all your devices set up—the Nest is in the room and linked to a network, the Chromecast is connected to your TV and the Home in its place—you can ask Google Home to display you a live feed of what is taking place on your TV in the baby’s room.

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Make Your Own Weather Channel

If you cut the cord, you may miss the ease of switching on your television to see what the weather is going to be the next day. Luckily, that is just one more region where Google Home and Chromecast know how to assist you out. To see the weather prediction, all you require to do is say, “Ok Google, give me the weather on Chromecast.”

So as to get this feature to work correctly, you have to make certain you say the name of the Chromecast device you would like to display the weather. It is a little less than suitable having to keep in mind what you have named your device but, if you have forgotten, all you would require to do is see at the screensaver of the Chromecast for a reminder.

Make Your Valuable Presentation Using Chromecast

Obviously, weather reports and baby monitoring are not the only stuffs Chromecast is capable of. It seems that it is good for business usages, as well.

One of the most useful features Chromecast has is screen mirroring. And while most of the time it is employed for entertainment reasons, mirroring can operate with Google’s homemade equivalent to Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slide, very well.

What does all this mean for employees and business owners? Well, you can slash back on huddling around a tiny laptop screen by connecting a Chromecast in your conference room for a simple and fast solution for presentations and screen sharing. When it is time to share, just tap the “Present” alternative on your presentation at the top-right, choose “Present on another screen,” and select the Chromecast device.

Chromecast Can Acts As A Digital Picture Frame Too

If you have not had a pic developed in the past decade, you are not alone. This is due to our arsenal of camera-fitted devices and increasingly bigger hard drives. It is simpler than ever to snap hundreds of pics that live completely in the digital realm.

The transition to bytes and bits has meant that a small number of house guests get to see images of you and your family, even though it has been great for saving on closet space. But it does not have to be that way. Chromecast can act as a digital picture frame.

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To set this feature work, all you require to do is modify your backdrop pictures with the help of Home app. Select a photo from Facebook albums, Google Photos, or Flickr, and that picture will view anytime when you are not employing your Chromecast.

Daydream–Chromecast Combo Is A Gateway To VR

If you have been following gaming tech these last 2 years, you know that one of the biggest fashions taking place right now is VR.

At the high side, Oculus and HTC are dealing with it using headsets that have a hefty price. But, if you are not ready to invest for that level of immersiveness, you can get a cool setup with a Chromecast and Google Daydream device instead.

What is the advantage of this? Once your Daydream is connected to your Chromecast, family and friends can now exactly see what you view in VR.

Use The Home App To Find That Particular Movie Or Show

While no platform is ideal, for years Roku had both Amazon and Google beat when it came to searching for movies and TV shows we needed to watch due to its universal search feature. Using it, you can find Roku’s insanely huge library of movies and shows by title as well as by actress, actor, or director to see which platform the show or movie is playing.

Now, this awesome power for searching has now made its way to Chromecast, as well.

To begin with the search feature, all you require to do is start up the Google Home app and look for the blue search icon on the screen in the lower left-hand section. Enter the show or film you are searching and Google will show dozens of apps such as HBO Now, Netflix, and Hulu to find it for you.

Now that you are aware of these tips, you very well know how to master your Chromecast. This will help get going with your Chromecast device. If you feel that this article was helpful, do let us know by commenting below. In addition to this, you can also write to us some more tips that you are aware of. We would be happy to include them.

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