7 Tips To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Caterer

As you plan for your wedding day, you have a lot on your list to make your wedding day a memorable one. You might have a lot on your plate, and catering services would definitely be one of them. However, don’t take a business card and hire a vendor without evaluating their services and quality of the food first.

7 Tips To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Caterer

Choosing the right caterer is extremely important, as people will remember the food they eat at your wedding. You can’t choose a caterer in a rush. You have to evaluate various factors to select the best. So, here’s how you can go about it.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Wedding Caterer

1. Ability

When choosing a wedding catering Pleasanton CA service, make sure they have dealt with an event that is similar to yours. When conducting an interview, ask them whether they can present the food to your preference and whether they know how to cook the food that you want. So, ensure the caterer shines with excellence when providing their services.

How creative is the weddingcaterer? Look at their past work and find out their style of presentation and decoration.

2. Flexibility

Caterers design their menu. They suggest what meals can be combined with other meals. However, if you don’t want a particular meal for your event, probably because it’s standard or expensive, ask the caterer if they can eliminate it. Alternatively, suggest your meal plan and find whether they can deliver it.

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3. Food tasting

How do you know the caterer cooks food that tastes as amazing as he/she claims? You need to taste the wedding catering in Pleasanton CA food to see if it’s delicious. Nonetheless, it would be better to try out the dishes that they will be serving at your wedding. For instance, if you want barbecued meat at your wedding, taste their sample barbecue before the wedding day.

In fact, the caterer should schedule the menu tasting before you ask them to.

4. Responsive

When you first approach a wedding caterer, you’ll know how engaging they are in serving you. For instance, they will ask questions so that they know what you like and how you love it. Similarly, they should listen to your needs.

Is the caterer available when you call? Caterers are busy almost throughout the week. However, they should be available when you call them. Their responsiveness will tell you how their services will be at your wedding.

5. Check references

Find previous clients had the same wedding catering in Pleasanton CA that you’re evaluating, and ask if they loved the service catered for. If they did, consider hiring the company.

6. Prices

How much does the caterer charge? Caterers charge for their services depending on the number of guests you have. So, estimate the number of guests you’ll have and get a quote from the caterer.

7. Permit

Check whether the wedding caterer has the license to provide catering services. Typically, they should have an excellent health certificate and business permit. Since you don’t want any drama on your wedding day, make sure the caterer has the appropriate license.

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Choosing an ideal caterer means giving your guests the best food experience on your special day. When you consider all the above-mentioned factors, you’re sure to find the best caterer at the right rates.

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