Custom Frames: Our Top 10 Tips

Some people say that a custom framing job is a major hassle. Our professional experience on the subject leads us to disagree humbly but firmly. Yes, there are many decisions to make. The process isn’t hard if you have a trained expert to help guide you through it step-by-step.

Custom Picture Framing

Here Are Our Top Ten Tips For Custom Picture Framing:

1) Know Your Style

Your framer can advise you better if you share a basic understanding of your design tastes. How have you already decorated your home? Do you aim for a modern look, a traditional one, or something more eclectic?

2) Keep An Open Mind

Satisfying your needs and desires for your art is, of course, the top priority of any framing professional. It’s always a good idea to remind yourself of the value of experience, though! Your framer might have some imaginative ideas for how to best display your art. Don’t be afraid to explore options outside of your comfort zone; sometimes, that’s where you strike gold!

3) Context Is Key

We can do a lot to adjust the mood of your piece when we frame it. Ask yourself whether the space where the art is going to hang is formal or informal. We’d recommend different framing options for a piece headed to the kitchen, for example, than for one that will hang over your fireplace.

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4) Honor The Art First

We have a lot of clients who initially insist on a black frame because all the rest of their frames are black. With all due respect, people aren’t going to be studying your frames for color matches if they’re properly chosen for the art inside them. Don’t be afraid of diverse frame colors; mix it up with confidence.

5) Open A Dialogue Between The Piece And The Frame

When we start guiding you into the hunt for the perfect frame, our foremost concern is the qualities of the art. All the art fundamentals – color, texture, shape, form, and line – need to be considered. The perfect frame will highlight one or more such aspects and make it look like the frame and the art were made for each other.

6) The Piece Dictates The Size Of The Frame

Many of our clients start out by over-emphasizing the importance of minimalism. They assume thinner always equals better when it comes to frames. This is not always the case! The right frame will be one that’s strong enough to support the art inside it.

7) Our Goal Is Creating A Permanent Heirloom

We would like nothing better than to deliver a perfect frame that gets passed along with your art to generations to come. This is why we always recommend the most durable, long-lasting, and protective materials. Examples include UV-blocking glass and museum-quality matting. If you’re getting a custom frame made for something, it’s obviously important. Why not go as far as possible to protect and preserve it?

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8) Real Frame Love Outlasts Trends

When we get down to just a few equally viableframing options, we’ll do our best to steer you toward the frame that has the better chance of stirring life-long delight in your heart. This frame is going to be a constant, day-to-day presence in your life; we want it to be just as moving the thousandth time you see it as it is the first time.

9) Cost

You can probably gather from the previous tips that our first priority is finding the frame that’s perfect for you and your art. If the perfect frame turns out to fall outside your budget, don’t despair! We’ll be happy to work with you and adjust the design to suit your resources. Remember, though, investing in a quality frame that will serve faithfully for decades will save you money by freeing you from the cost of re-framing your piece later.

10) Enjoy The Distinction Of Custom Craftsmanship

How often do you get the opportunity to purchase a built-to-order, one-of-a-kind creation in this day and age? Once you’ve settled on the perfect frame design and ordered us to start building it, give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve just taken a powerful step to make your home and your art that much more distinctive.

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