Common Issues That a Commercial Door Repair in Matthews North Carolina Can Fix for You

In any home, some of the most essential parts that cannot be missed are the doors and windows.  These are elements that many properties, whether commercial or residential, are incomplete without. And as a top priority, needs to be sturdy, fully operational and stable enough to last at least a lifetime.

Doors come in various types of materials, from steel to wood, timber, aluminum, fiberglass or metal, and they also come in various sizes, designs and functionalities, much like those mentioned here. Some mark the privacy of a company, while others are for several other reasons including privacy, but also security and aesthetic purpose.

Common Issues That a Commercial Door Repair in Matthews North Carolina

Because this is one of the main things in any building, it is often used frequently, which makes it vulnerable to damage and weaknesses. For any smart business owner or homeowner, investing in a service that can offer you a commercial door repair is key. It’s like having a doctor or dentist whom you can call anytime to arrange an appointment. You may not need to get the doors fixed as frequently, but it’s good to have a reliable contact.

In many organizations, doors tend to be different from those used in residential properties. For instance, you can have swing doors, or automatic doors that open via a sensor, these are widely used on many premises. No matter what size, shape or material your entrances are made out of, some common problems can happen with them, that you would need an expert to sort out for you. We discuss a few of these below.

High Foot Traffic Damage

Any door will see its lifespan diminishing, especially if it is used daily, constantly by people going in and out. With high foot traffic, both small and big issues can happen. For instance, the moving parts and hardware such as the hinges, locks, latches or closers risk becoming weak and damaged.

One solution for this is the construction of the door. If it is not a sturdy door, you should be considering an upgrade to a more heavy-duty operational entrance. The industrial-grade options are a good place to start. Examples of which include a sectional door, steel hinged door or roller shutters.

Choosing the appropriate one will depend on a few things:

The way it opens: some come in a sliding format, while others have a swing design. Sometimes you can also choose the ones that open towards the inside or outside. This will depend on the available space at the entrance of your organization.

The control needed: it could be an automatic door or a manual one.

The size: typically, you would choose the more practical option. A large door is not recommended if there is heavy traffic going through them. The larger and heavier ones will be much harder to open.

A Warping Door

There is also often the issue of a door warping. This usually happens as a result of the material it is made out of, being affected by the weather. The main culprit is moisture or humidity. This is why many manufacturers apply a treatment to them which minimizes this. When the moisture affects them, it tends to shrink and lose their shape.

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There are a few things companies can do to help with this. Usually, before installing the doors, the company stores them all inside a room with the same temperature to get used to it. Usually for a period of 2 days. This makes them get used to the moisture or humidity levels in the air.

Once they are ready to be installed a coat of treatment finish is applied. Sometimes more than one is required. Sometimes they will also use a wood sealant but this is not as effective as the treatment.

You should ask them about this before they place the entrances in your building. The better material to use is fiberglass to avoid this, but also a weather-resistant one will do the trick:

It is good to know that doors that are taller than normal heights are prone to warping, so stick to the normal height. By changing the door every time, the weather changes, won’t solve the issue. You could also ask the experts to polish them for you, which is commonly done at least twice a year.

It Doesn’t Close as It Should

Another common issue is when they fail to close properly or even when they do not open properly and either get stuck. Finding the cause of this is key, and this is where the experts at commercial door repair Matthews NC know the best ways to do this. The inspection involved involves a few aspects like the mechanics, the door itself, the handles and locks and more.

It could be a case where things are not properly aligned and sometimes the frame can become out of place over time. If it is an automatic entrance, the mechanism that is used to operate them could be faulty or incorrectly adjusted, or possibly lose wiring is also a cause.

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For some, this could cause the mechanisms to leak, which deem them inoperable and cannot be fixed, so the only solution is to get them replaced. Which can only be done by professional services.

The Door Has Gaps

The Door Has Gaps

If you spot a gap either on the sides of the door, on top or at the bottom, it may be that the structure has been compromised over time. During cold seasons, gaps indoors will not be a great thing for your employees and staff. These can be fixed by filling them with weather stripping or gasketing (adding seals to the parameter), which are specifically created for your commercial entrance.

The above is just a few of the common problems that many businesses face but the majority of them can be remedied by the right services. It may be tempting to take on the project yourself, but a certified company is a more sustainable option.

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