Ganesh Visarjan 2022 – Anant Chaturdashi Celebration in India

Ganesh Chaturthi brings with it all the happiness and cheerfulness. People celebrate Ganpati festival with a great enthusiasm and zest. However, festival ends after ten days which is called as Ganesh Visarjan and Ganesh Visarjan 2022 falls on 9th September. The sacred day of Ganpati Visarjan is Anant Chaturdashi which takes place with a grand celebration in India.

Ganesh Visarjan
Ganesh Visarjan

During Ganesh Visarjan, Ganpati statue is immersed in the water of sea or river after a puja is done on the riverbank or seacoast. Ganpati Idol is taken through the streets of the city with all dancing and musical drums, dhol and tasha.

Ganpati mirvanuk of social Ganesh Utsava mandala generally lasts for one whole day. People play Ganpati songs, DJ remix songs and dance in front of Ganpati statue as a part of Anant Chaturdashi celebration in India.

Some people perform Ganesh Visarjan after one and half day, some perform it after five days and some people perform it after seven days where the procedure remains the same. People loudly say, ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya, Pudhachya varshi lavkar ya’. This way people pray to Lord Ganesha to come early next year and offer flowers, durva, camphor and coconut.

Ganesh Visarjan
Ganesh Visarjan

Though Ganesh Visarjan is an auspicious community event, we must keep in mind its environmental aspects. Because big Ganesh statues take lot of time to get dissolved in the water and is also very hard to get dissolved. It leads to water pollution and is also harmful to the sea flora.

Nowadays, several water immersion tanks are provided, especially in big cities like Mumbai and Pune, where Ganesh Idol visarjan can be carried out. It helps avoid water pollution. However, going for Eco friendly Ganesha Idol is therefore very important to save our earth and planet.

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So, we all must celebrate Anant Chaturdashi with full devotion but also consider that we are not making harm to our earth and thereby us. We must make sure that even God must feel happy when he returns on the earth next year for Ganesh Chaturthi!

Ganesh Visarjan
Ganesh Visarjan

Wish you all a very happy Ganesh Chaturthi and Anant Chaturdashi!

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