Why Running Is The Best Health And Fitness Exercise?

A lot of people run to shed those extra pounds and maintain their perfect body weight. Running can easily become a part of your fitness regime. Running needs a lot of energy. It utilizes your leg muscles and virtually every muscle in your body and burns higher calories in comparison to any other exercise form. Thus, it is the best exercise to lose weight and stay in perfect shape. Overall, it is a great option for a healthy mind and body.

Why Running Is The Best Health And Fitness Exercise

Running and your brain

Running is a great exercise for your mind. A lot of people get relaxed while running as it clears their mind. People who run regularly are happier than those who don’t and perform other strenuous exercises. Just put up the best wireless headphones for running and get yourself stress free, away from this chaotic world. Take a gap from the world and breathe in the fresh air to enjoy some amazing music and fresh air. Running releases stress relief hormone called endorphins which is amazing to treat depression.


Those who run on bumpy roads like hiking trails are better in coordination. People running on all types of surfaces gain better control over their body movements because of the increased concentration they put in keeping themselves correct while running on those uneven trails.

Running is great for a healthy heart

Running is also an amazing exercise for those looking for better cardiovascular health. During running, the arteries perform heavy workout. Thus, the heart works harder to pump blood all through your body. Frequent running helps in making the cardiac muscle stronger. It lowers your blood pressure and lowers the risk of stroke or heart attack.

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Running and aging

Along with better heart health, stronger bones and muscles, running has positive effect on more things. The physical essentials needed on the bones and muscles of your body while running makes them much stronger. There are lesser chances of a runner to develop diseases like osteoporosis. Your bones, muscles, heart and other organs remain healthy even when you age.

It lowers your bad cholesterol and increases the good one. It enhances your lung capacity for better breathing and efficient sleeping.


Running is a popular activity as it involves complete action from your whole body. When you run on a regular basis, it becomes pleasurable, enjoyable, healthy for your mind and body. It helps with coordination, better muscle and bone strength and rewards you in all stages of your life.

People opt for different types of exercises for a number of reasons. While some may go for running, others enjoy weight lifting, aerobics, swimming, cycling or gym sessions suitable as per their fitness programs.

The benefit of physical fitness is that whether you do it for fun, health or weight loss, it is not what you do, it is how often you do it and how long you plan to do it for. The longer you exercise, the better it is for your health, mind and body.

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